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Perspectives of Future Space Business and Technologies

About the presenter

Hiroshi Koyama

Hiroshi Koyama
Fellow, Electronic Systems Group Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO)

Hiroshi KOYAMA is currently Fellow of Electronic Systems Group at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (“MELCO”).

In March 1987, he received his Ph.D., Faculty of Engineering, at University of Tokyo of Japan and in April 1987, he joined MELCO as Chief Engineer for Rendezvous and Docking System of Engineering Satellite-VII (ETS-VII) & H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) in Kamakura Works. Since then, he has worked on various satellite projects including Earth Observation Satellites. In Kamakura Works, he also managed technical directions as Deputy Manager of Technical Department.

In April 2008, he was appointed to General Manager of Office for Space Utilization and Strategy Planning at MELCO Headquarters. He was responsible for promoting utilization of space in various fields such as Quasi Zenith Satellite in the field of navigation. In April 2013, he was appointed to Deputy General Manager of Space Systems Division, position which sales, marketing and business development for MELCO space activities, including commercial satellite business. From April 2015, he was appointed to Executive Fellow & CTO including space and defense aspects of Electronic Systems Group and assigned to his present position in April 2019.


In the space fields, technological innovations for next generation space systems have recently restarted again. The progress of digitization and software defined satellite in the communication satellites and the emergence of constellation systems using hundreds or thousands of small satellites are typical examples of these movements

There are 3 major fields in space business such as communication, earth observation and navigation. In the satellite communication field, “High Through Put”, “Digital Payload” and “Small  Satellite Constellation” are recent major directions. In the earth observation field,

“AI, Big Data Processing”,“Earth Observation Satellite Data Platform” and also “Small Satellite Constellation” are recent key words. In the navigation field, utilization of “High Precision Navigation” with “3D Digital Map” is key for future technology and business.  In Japan, QZSS(Quasi Zenith Satellite System) has started to provide regional satellite navigation service since 2018. QZSS  provides “High Precision Navigation” service by CLAS(Cm Level Augmentation Signal)  and utilization for automated driving, IT agriculture and etc. are presently investigating.

In this lecture, these recent and future technological trends and business directions will be presented after brief introduction of space related activities of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

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