Workshop on AP Technologies

Workshop 5

Circularly Polarized Antennas: Design and Measurement techniques


Circular polarization is an attractive polarization for many types of wireless telecommunications, such as satellite communication, RFID, etc. There are always strict requirements for circularly polarized (CP) antennas, such as broadband, small size, slim shape of designs, low cross-polarization in a wide radiation range of azimuth, etc. Also, designing CP antennas with such challenging performances are attractive for antenna researchers and designers. In this workshop, some design techniques for such applications and requirements are organized. In addition to this, some measurement techniques for essential parameters in circularly polarized antennas, such as axial ratio, gain measurement, will be summarized. In this opportunity, we would like to think of antennas with a point of view of polarization.

About the speakers

Prof. Dr. Takeshi Fukusako

Prof. Dr. Takeshi Fukusako
Kumamoto University, Japan

Takeshi Fukusako received his Ph. D. in engineering from Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto, Japan, in 1997. He joined Kumamoto University as a Research Associate in 1997 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2003. Now he is a professor in antenna design techniques since 2016. He was also a visiting researcher at the University of Manitoba, Canada, from 2005 to 2006. He was also a Visiting Associate Professor at the City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China, in 2015. His academic interests are mainly design techniques for circularly polarized (CP) antennas with wideband characteristics, small size, and reconfigurable performances. Related to his projects, he authored “Fundamentals of Circularly Polarized Antennas (Japanese Edition),” Corona Publishing in 2018.

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